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I am obliged to take this time to show my deep appreciation to all that made this album possible.  I would be remiss without mentioning my father who gave me the gift of music.  To my dear old friend from the Revelairs days, Bill Humphrey, who inspired me to make this album and who, along the way, gave me good advice on how to proceed.  When I first contacted Clarke Rigsby, recording engineer at Tempest Studios, I told him I was looking for a recording engineer that would make me sound better than I really am.  He certainly delivered the goods on that.  To Katy Bee, working with her in designing this website has been a total joy.  She is a consummate professional and has so many other creative talents that they would be hard for me to mention here.  Lastly, I am so grateful that my wife, Coral, in her support and creative advice throughout the making of this album.  She gets special appreciation for her art design of this album.    

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